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Seamless integrated solutions to automate, simplify and standardise services across your environment


At the same time they are facing escalating demand for the digital capabilities that will accelerate growth.

For many CIOs, this results in a focus on 'keeping the lights on', making relevant, proactive innovation all but impossible, and diverting key resources away from areas where they can add the most value.

Managed services solutions allow our customers to let go of the stresses of everyday infrastructure and system management, shifting their focus away from operational and towards business-led innovation. UXC Connect offers a comprehensive range of managed services, from desktop and infrastructure support through to network and data centre services.

We act as an extension to your business and provide a centralised contact point for IT-related issues and requests.

Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

Mainstream adoption of cloud computing has accelerated the rise of a multi-sourcing approach that combines services and products from a range of providers. This is proving a major challenge for those organisations who do not have sufficient service management capability and skills. According to Gartner, in an attempt to minimise costs, many organisations initially attempted to fill the SIAM role themselves but increasingly they are seeking providers who demonstrate best-in-class practices.*

UXC SIAM simplifies the delivery of ICT services to your business by providing users with easy to access services regardless of the underpinning technology or service provider. Our adaptable approach utilises blended delivery models with the option of keeping your key staff on-site and leveraging UXC’s investment in skills and coverage.


Service Desk

The Service Desk is the face of ICT. Many organisations are looking to leverage their Service Desk as a strategic asset to improve the perception of IT while reducing costs, improving service and measuring true business outcomes beyond traditional call centre measures. Many organisations struggle to develop a true service culture, provide access to capability on a 24x7 basis and respond to ongoing business and technology challenges.

UXC Connect’s Service Desk is focussed on providing your staff with the ultimate end user experience through a range of solution options including on-site, remote and offshore. Whether delivered as a standalone service or in conjunction with our Service Integration and Management capabilities, our Service Desk utilises best practice in customer experience, knowledge and service management to deliver the outcomes our clients are looking for.

End User Services

Enabling end users is crucial to embracing the potential of digital to expand capability and increase market share. Whether you are supporting the roll out of new business applications, facilitating organisational change, enabling your mobile workforce or simply looking to update your traditional desktop environment, End User Services are key.

UXC Connect’s end-to-end approach provides end users with simple, seamless and secure access to applications and services through an unparalleled customer experience.

UXC Connect offers full lifecycle services from advisory engagements through to technical design, deployment and ongoing Managed Services in collaboration with our Service Desk.

Managed IaaS

Businesses are looking to leverage the benefits of ‘as a Service’ solutions delivered from the cloud while continuing to develop, integrate and maintain critical on-premise and dedicated systems. With the evolution of cloud computing, organisations are challenged by an ever wider and more complex range of options to plan, build and run their infrastructure solutions.

UXC Connect can help you meet the hybrid IT challenge with secure on-premise and on-shore solutions through to flexible public cloud solutions. UXC Connect seamlessly integrates services between all your providers and our consumption-based model reduces the pressure of managing multiple subcontractors.

Network Managed Services

In an always on world it is vital that your business services are not only available but capable of delivering high quality service to your customers.

Our approach to 24x7 Network Managed Services focuses on maximising the availability of business services to your customers, end users and key business stakeholders. The service is underpinned by the ongoing analysis of performance data from applications through to the virtual and physical infrastructure and associated services.

Transition & Transformation Services

IT services need to evolve and adapt at ever increasing speed and we offer an integrated approach to managing change from the transitioning of new services through to the transformation of your ICT technology.

UXC Connect measures the success of any project against your business outcomes and critical success factors. Our mature approach and methods for your business whether a project is delivered by UXC Connect or through a collaborative approach with you and your partners.

Information Management & Security

The growth in online services which are dependent on speed of access requires a comprehensive approach to security and a diverse range of specialist skills.

UXC Connect ensures that your information and systems are secure across all services in line with your security policies. We offer a broad range of capability from compliance assessments through to the secure management of critical infrastructure.

Application Services

UXC recognises that applications are at the heart of the modern enterprise. We work with our customers to deploy, maintain, update and enhance the critical elements of their business application portfolio.

Our Application Management Services team provides comprehensive capabilities that address the full spectrum of your application development and management needs across COTS and custom environments.

Support Services

UXC Connect Support Services can streamline your support so you call just one number to resolve problems. By integrating seamlessly with your organisation. UXC Connect extends your capabilities and acts as a central point of expertise in support of your business. All aspects of your support partnership are owned and managed by UXC Connect and we are committed to:

  • a services transition that minimises disruption to your business and captures and retains existing knowledge to ensure informed, reliable support from day one
  • maintaining an in-depth and end-to-end view of your distributed environment
  • proactively managing all aspects of contract consolidation and renewals
  • managing all interactions with your vendors and manufacturers to ensure rapid, reliable support and clear delegation of responsibility.

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